Our Story

Hummingbirds Rising helps non-Indigenous Canadians develop the skills, compassion and abilities to recognize and change systems and practices so they can play an active and meaningful part in Decolonization. Learning the true history of these lands, place-based understanding and looking at Canadian history through an Indigenous lens will allow self-reflection and a deeper understanding of the ongoing trauma and harm from colonization. By the end of  our time together, participants will be better able to demonstrate cultural literacy and discover ways to better serve the populations with whom they work. Participants should bring with them an open mind and an open heart to get the most out of what is sure to be an enlightening experience.

Rhiannon Bennett

Rhiannon Bennett


Rhiannon Bennett (she/her) is Musqueam and a much-sought-after speaker who is well known for asking tough questions in a manner that encourages engagement and dialogue. She is actively working to create a more equitable world for all. 

She has been working with children, youth and families for over 20 years in a variety of roles. Professionally, she has worked with Indigenous youth and families with overarching themes of her work being Decolonization.  

After years of frustration with poor policies and funding cuts, Rhiannon was led to become more politically active. In 2014, she was the first Indigenous person elected to the Delta Board of Education. As a Delta School Board Trustee, Rhiannon focused on repairing and building stronger relationships with education partners. She was appointed to the B.C. School Trustees Association’s Indigenous Education Committee and was named co-chair of the committee until the end of her term.

While not successfully re-elected, she was inspired to launch a consulting firm with her running-mate, Andrea Hilder, to continue to do this important work. 












Andrea Hilder

Andrea Hilder


Andrea Hilder (she/her) is an education professional and community volunteer. For almost 20 years, she has supported and advocated for children and families in various roles, including as a child-care worker for youth at risk, a respite caregiver, a family support worker, a foster parent and an Education Assistant (EA). Andrea is the non-Indigenous parent of an Indigenous child. Her son is of Cree and Anishnaabe ancestry, from the Sakimay First Nation and the StarBlanket Cree First Nation in Saskatchewan.

Andrea also has her Provincial Instructor’s Diploma from Vancouver Community College. Decolonization is the lens through which she learns, lives and teaches. Andrea brings a unique perspective to her work. She looks forward to continuing to leverage her privilege and experience to continue working with parents, educators, students, professionals to advocate for equity seeking communities and better understand the true history of Canada.

Our Values

As women and mothers, we are authentic, accountable, committed, compassionate, courageous, determined, equity seeking, social justice champions.

We bring integrity, respect, traditions, wisdom and our open hearts with us to this important work.

We balance empathy and humour with our participants and clients.
Our work is deeply and strongly rooted in anti-oppression work, social justice and intersectional feminism. We believe that Decolonizing spaces not only benefits Indigenous people, but people from all marginalized communities.

We welcome working with organizations to learn how to have a better understanding of the intersectionality of inequity.

Our Mission

Hummingbirds Rising’s Mission is to facilitate personal and professional learning opportunities and the Decolonization of working and learning environments by identifying and removing barriers which will create a more equitable world for all.