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“SOS BC has steadily worked towards Decolonization efforts as we work closely with children, youth, and families in care. In our awareness of the skewed statistics that exist for children in care, where over half of this demographic identifies as indigenous, we knew we needed to bring the right partnerships to the table. With consultation and support from both Rhiannon and Andrea from HRC, we were able shift our work and practice to be inclusive of these learnings, teachings, and histories. Rhiannon and Andrea do not hesitate to get involved, to get right in the field when and where necessary with children and communities we support and ensure that the knowledge passes onto to our teams and that we work from an informed and empowered place. We have been grateful for their guidance as we continue to navigate the foster care systems while providing family based alternative care for children. ” 

Kistie Singh

Executive Director, SOS Children's Village BC

“A fantastic workshop which left me wanting to know more and wanting to participate in making changes professionally and personally. Thank you!”

“Hummingbirds Rising reframes Canadian History based on Indigenous perspectives, rather than settler point of view. What a difference that makes!”

“I was deeply moved to hear Hummingbirds Rising present. I feel empowered to make some changes, in both my personal and professional lives moving forward.”

Rhiannon and Andrea were easy to communicate with and provided a very comfortable environment for our team to engage in difficult discussions.  The historical lessons were eye opening, and the overall presentation was well planned and thoughtfully delivered.”

Adam Mills

Sales & Marketing Director, Four Winds Brewing Co.

“Thank you. Grateful that you shared your experiences, wisdom and vulnerability.”

“Hummingbirds Rising focuses on the resilience of Indigenous Peoples, instead of the colonial narratives we have been taught.”

“Rhiannon and Andrea tackle difficult information with empathy and compassion.”

“The Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society has engaged in a Decolonization process with Hummingbirds Rising. Working with Rhiannon and Andrea has been amazing as we engage in the challenging but necessary work to learn about the impacts of both historical and ongoing colonization in Canada. Your knowledge, skills and gentle but assertive way of engaging us in the work has transformed how we look at the world and how we can make changes at the Kids Fest. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your personal experiences as well as the depth of knowledge and deep understanding of these complex issues that must be addressed today. We look forward to our next workshop and process work to make long-lasting and important changes both to our organization and for ourselves, personally. Your work has transformed all of us – thank you!”

Katharine Carol

Artistic & Executive Director, Vancouver International Children's Festival

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