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We offer a variety of standalone services outside of our Decolonization Program, including: guest lectures, keynotes, consulting on retainer, and more.

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Consultation on Retainer

Unlock the power of inclusive and equitable transformation with our Decolonization Retainer Fee service. For a monthly fee, our expert Decolonization consultants become an integral part of your organization, ready to provide support and guidance whenever you need it. With our Decolonization Retainer Fee service, you are not just hiring consultants; you are partnering with advocates who are committed to your journey towards creating an inclusive and equitable environment. We prioritize the importance of being relational, fostering strong, trust-based relationships that are essential for meaningful and sustainable change. Together, we will work towards a future where diversity and inclusion are not just goals, but foundational parts of your organizational culture. It’s like having an Aunty on standby!


Keynote/Guest Speaker 

Inspire and ignite change with our powerful speeches on Decolonization. Delivered by renowned expert, activist, and matriarch, Rhiannon Bennett, our speeches delve into the urgent need to address and dismantle colonial legacies in various sectors. With compelling narratives and actionable insights, Rhiannon challenges conventional perspectives and motivates audiences to embrace Decolonial practices. Ideal for conferences, corporate events, and educational symposiums, Rhiannon provides a transformative experience that encourages critical reflection and fosters a commitment to equity and inclusion. Empower your event with a keynote or lecture that sparks meaningful dialogue and drives progressive action.


Existing Client Consultation

An hour-long session that allows participants to ask questions pertaining to Indigenous issues and Decolonization, have enriching discussions, and more. We ask that you send us an outline of what you would like to discuss and any questions you have prior to the session so that we can ensure your questions are answered within the time constraints.



Consultations for Indigenous Workers

This FREE consultation is open to all First Nations, Inuit, and Métis individuals, regardless of status.

Being the only Indigenous employee in an organization can be really lonely. We offer this one-on-one consultation for Indigenous individuals to provide validation, recommendations, and connections. Whether you’re feeling isolated, needing guidance, or just want to sit down and laugh with Aunties, we’ve got you. Please email us at info (at) hummingbirdsrising.ca for a booking link.


Don’t just take Our Word For It

“Rhiannon and Andrea were easy to communicate with and provided a very comfortable environment for our team to engage in difficult discussions.  The historical lessons were eye opening, and the overall presentation was well planned and thoughtfully delivered.” 

Adam Mills

Sales & Marketing Director, Four Winds Brewery

“The workshop facilitated by Rhiannon and Andrea was a meaningful way for the international participants in the Youth Peace Network to learn about the true history of Canada, and sparked conversations about reconciliation and Decolonisation efforts around the world. It was exciting to see the solidarity forming in the group. I am grateful that the facilitators were able to skillfully hold space for brave and challenging conversations, and highly recommend their workshops.”

Aida Mwanzia

Coordinator, Youth Exchanges Canada & Youth Peace Network, Global Initiatives & Youth Engagement YMCA

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